Monday, June 1, 2015

Canadian Manufacturing Sales

Canadian manufacturing sales rose 2.9 per cent in March, the second increase in the last six months. Sales were led by an increase in aerospace products and motor vehicles while fabricated metal products declined.  In total, 10 of 21 sub-sectors saw increased sales in March. 

In BC, where manufacturing employs close to 170,000 people, manufacturing sales fell 2.2 cent on a monthly basis in March, but were 8.1 per cent higher year-over-year. Through the first quarter of 2015, BC manufacturing sales are up 7.6 per cent which has helped push economic growth in the province higher. Growth in the BC economy is currently tracking at 2.5 per cent through the first three months of the year, but as growth in the US and other parts of Canada picks-up in the second half, we expect manufacturing and trade to lead a further acceleration of growth in the province. 

Copyright BCREA - reprinted with permission 

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