Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Understanding Energy Efficiency Retrofit

How do you decide what to do to make your house more energy efficient? There are so many questions, so many possible directions and so many possible answers. How do you get started?

How are pre-existing problems addressed? What are your retrofit options? How can the retrofit work be organized to help ensure the best results? It is no wonder homeowners sometimes find themselves unsure of how best to proceed with energy efficiency retrofit projects.

 While you can get good advice from qualified contractors, suppliers and other sources of renovation information, it’s a good idea to be generally informed about your energy efficiency retrofit options so you are aware of the possibilities and potential obstacles you might

encounter. By increasing your understanding of some of the more common energy efficiency retrofit options available, you will be better prepared to sort through all the information you will be offered by renovation contractors. It can also give you a head start in developing a retrofit plan.


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